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Thank you for visiting my website and taking the brave step of considering therapy.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist offering psychotherapy in Oakland.  
I work with children, adolescents, families, adults, and couples encountering a range of challenges –– from overwhelming emotional turmoil to aspirations for self-discovery and richer creativity.

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My Approach


I use a warm, down-to-earth approach in working with clients, and believe that trust and compassion are essential for therapy to be useful.  I am dedicated to supporting you with curiosity and care so that we can create a safe space where you can reflect, grow, and face difficulties with a renewed sense of hope.  From the outset, I will collaborate with you to develop a “whole view” of challenges and strengths, which is informed by my wide breadth of clinical experience that starts at life's beginning and extends through the lifespan.  I have expertise in working with infants and parents, developmental disabilities, trauma, major mental health difficulties, and both anticipated and unexpected crises across all ages.  This gives me a comprehensive foundation to draw from to really understand your unique situation.  Rather than forcing you to fit a particular orientation, I integrate multiple perspectives so that I can attune to your needs and provide responsive support.  As we work together, my hope is to help you water the seeds of your inner strengths, push through stuck situations, and live with more connectedness and vitality.

My approach is integrative and flexible.  With extensive experience using attachment-based, psychodynamic, existential, cognitive-behavioral, and family therapies, I understand that therapy can look many different ways. Growth can mean improving communication and emotional expression, or gaining insight into the impact of the past on current situations.  Other times, we just need practical advice and strategies.  I have also found that relying on talk-only approaches does not work for everyone, and accessing the non-verbal, non-logical aspects of ourselves can unlock transformation.  I therefore incorporate expressive arts, play, identity and spiritual development, narrative therapy, and project-oriented activities as catalysts for healing.  Sometimes it takes a little creativity to find new solutions and healthier ways of being.  With this in mind, I welcome exploration about what sustains you during times of stress, so that we can harness your inner health-promoting compass, and help you thrive while navigating life's chaotic seas.  Because there are many different paths we can take, we will actively collaborate to figure out what works best, given your (and your family's) unique personality and circumstances. 

I believe it is a privilege to join you on your life journey.  I take great care to honor your unique background, values, and preferences with respect and compassion so that you can “tell your story” and begin the healing process.  My hope is to not only help you overcome challenges, but also live a more meaningful life with purpose and joy.

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